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So, we will just roll on with this too. Like we do.

That entire evening is a blur to me. My last detailed memory was us sitting in the waiting room. We were listening to the girl behind us dry heave into the barf bag they graciously provided her. Some children on … Continue reading

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Journal Entry from December 2011: Training Day

Haha. This one is from a “training” I attended at my former job. I worked with the State Child Support Agency for twelve years. We got a new system and let’s just say, things were slow going….not sure if it’s … Continue reading

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Bigfoot, Ghosts,and Alien (DNA), OH MY! Christmas with my family, and a few others that endured it with us.

Oh, the holidays. The damned holidays. They come around each year. And each year I worry about what the hell may happen. It’s always like a stick of dynamite sitting, just waiting to be lit. This year had the potential … Continue reading

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Sony Entertainment: The real story behind shelving The Interview. (At least I think so)

Stephen Hawking is not the only one with a theory of everything. The recent decision of Sony not to release “The Interview” has people jumping around like rabbits in fear of North Korea and its own life-sized doughboy Kim Jones … Continue reading

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