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I’ve been shocked this week by the #MeToo stories as well as the non-stories. And also the non-disclosures. Because if this many people are disclosing, my mind says three times as many are not. How in the hell did “it” … Continue reading

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An Unwanted Double Shot

She says she wants me to write how I feel when I get overcome. I don’t think she understands how hard it is to deal with me when I get overcome though. It is crippling. It is hard to function … Continue reading

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The Way I See It

Two in one day…….   When I began writing this, I did not think it would become a defense of people and ideas that I find to be derelict and deplorable. It turned out to be just that. I struggled … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts

    Sometimes, you just have to kiss a little ass. The world just doesn’t like non-conformists, rebels, and free-thinkers anymore. If it ever did. Especially in the workplace. Unless you’re good with serving fries or fancy coffee for the … Continue reading

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“The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.” —Ernest Hemingway

To anyone that knew the two of us, we could not have been any more opposite. As kids,  she played with dolls and loved dressing up and wearing makeup. I swung from trees and played with balls in the dirt. … Continue reading

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So, we will just roll on with this too. Like we do.

That entire evening is a blur to me. My last detailed memory was us sitting in the waiting room. We were listening to the girl behind us dry heave into the barf bag they graciously provided her. Some children on … Continue reading

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My Two Cents On NASCAR

I just read a great article in the Wall Street Journal about NASCAR’s declining popularity and revenue. I’ve been a fan since Dale Jr’s rookie Cup season. Not by coincidence. Since that time the sport’s popularity has declined steadily. After … Continue reading

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