Never Like Junior

  I have to own it. I haven’t paid much attention to it this year. Which is a little messed up considering it is his last year driving. And that he has been my driver for 18 years now. The reason I started watching NASCAR. The reason I’ve got boxes full of memorabilia (“shit” as … Continue reading Never Like Junior

My Two Cents On NASCAR

I just read a great article in the Wall Street Journal about NASCAR’s declining popularity and revenue. I've been a fan since Dale Jr's rookie Cup season. Not by coincidence. Since that time the sport's popularity has declined steadily. After Matt Kenseth cruised around in circles in 2003 and won a title after winning one … Continue reading My Two Cents On NASCAR

The NASCAR Spingate Scandal of 2013: This spin made waves….

The "Spingate" of 2013 put NASCAR in a spotlight.... and the way they handled it has had an affect on the careers of one driver in particular, as well as one very high profile sponsor. Truex got collectively screwed in this mess, and NAPA ended up with Jr Motorsports and Chase Elliot who is tabbed … Continue reading The NASCAR Spingate Scandal of 2013: This spin made waves….