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I’ve been shocked this week by the #MeToo stories as well as the non-stories. And also the non-disclosures. Because if this many people are disclosing, my mind says three times as many are not. How in the hell did “it” … Continue reading

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My Pulse Is Still Racing

It’s been seventeen days since the Pulse shooting and I still do not know what to say about it. I have much to say. I have many thoughts. I have many opinions. I have much anger, rage, bitterness, and sadness. … Continue reading

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The Coolest Shit That’s Ever Happened To Me

I have always believed that certain events in your life will change the person that you are, regardless of what stage of life you’re in when they occur. Having sex for the first time, falling in love the first time, … Continue reading

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People Are Going To Think You’re a Homosexual: A Reflection on my Childhood

I’ve been listening to an audio book by Brene Brown. It seems, as of Chapter 13, to be a series of talks/teachings that she has given on the subject of vulnerability. So far, most of it has resonated with me … Continue reading

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Your Perception is Your Reality. Really.

Ted Cruz announced his presidential candidacy yesterday and it brought out tons of opinions on social media. A lot of it centered around whether Cruz’ religious beliefs, and prior statements regarding homosexuality were hurting his chance at residing in the … Continue reading

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The term “Trans-Gender” has been thrown around a lot recently. Admittedly, I never really looked into it, nor cared to for that matter. I like my twat and have no desire to have a penis swinging between my legs. My … Continue reading

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Sony Entertainment: The real story behind shelving The Interview. (At least I think so)

Stephen Hawking is not the only one with a theory of everything. The recent decision of Sony not to release “The Interview” has people jumping around like rabbits in fear of North Korea and its own life-sized doughboy Kim Jones … Continue reading

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