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So, we will just roll on with this too. Like we do.

That entire evening is a blur to me. My last detailed memory was us sitting in the waiting room. We were listening to the girl behind us dry heave into the barf bag they graciously provided her. Some children on … Continue reading

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Can SOMEONE Else Do The Bending? For Once.

My counselor suggested at one of our first meetings that I keep a journal. My first thought was, “You, lady, are insane. Hell no. That’s asking for trouble” because frankly my private thoughts are enough to give the devil himself … Continue reading

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It’s Not Kevlar, But Kryptonite

Breakups are never easy. Not for either party. Regardless of who “caused” it. Regardless of who “initiated” it. Regardless of whose “fault” it is. Nobody spends years with a partner and leaves without some great memories. No matter how bad … Continue reading

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The Coolest Shit That’s Ever Happened To Me

I have always believed that certain events in your life will change the person that you are, regardless of what stage of life you’re in when they occur. Having sex for the first time, falling in love the first time, … Continue reading

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People Are Going To Think You’re a Homosexual: A Reflection on my Childhood

I’ve been listening to an audio book by Brene Brown. It seems, as of Chapter 13, to be a series of talks/teachings that she has given on the subject of vulnerability. So far, most of it has resonated with me … Continue reading

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There May Be Some Hope After All

Normally, when I see teenagers, I cringe. They make my insides burn my stomach ache. I’m almost fearful of them. They’re always moody, and generally psycho. They can’t help it. Hormones are a bitch. I remember. I was an exceptionally … Continue reading

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I Wouldn’t Go So Far As To Say I Was Ever Scared…..

“How would your life be different if you were incapable of feeling fear? Would your life be better or worse than it is now?” This was a prompt from a Twitter account that I follow. After giving it a little … Continue reading

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