Anything but Smart

A weird thing happened yesterday. A friend, who is politically opposite minded from me, asked what I thought about New York State’s new abortion law. I told him I’d have to get back with him because I really had not read much about it at all.

Last night I did a google search and I responded back to him. Something very eye-opening happened. It turns out that his own Google search turned up a slew of articles which asserted the exact opposite of what my slew of articles said.

You see, Google searches are tailored to “our preferences”. So, it seems when I searched, it gave me a list of sites and articles that it figured I would “prefer” to read on the topic. It did the same for my friend.

So, we read the actual bill, and made an amazing discovery:

The actual truth rested somewhere in between. By my friend’s own admission and his words, “some of the shit being spewed by the right” was incorrect. Depending on what you read, and from the source, the facts were all skewed, distorted, twisted, and then spewed to fit the narrative that site was going with.

The facts are pretty boring and don’t make for much entertainment. New York’s new law is not much different from our law in Florida, nor Georgia’s. Nor most other States with restriction laws.

But, I don’t really care to argue that.

What I am really writing about, is the Google search.

Two individuals, same search terms, polar opposite results/answers. As much as we rely on Google searches to keep us informed and abreast of current events, one may think that our search results are reliable and factual.

Last night proved otherwise.

Those results only showed what the search engine thought we would want to read.

Bottom Line: Our smart technology is making us all anything but smart.

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