Happy Birthday

I’m trying to remember turning 21. It was 1995. The Google gods say it was a Tuesday. I’m sure I didn’t do much different that Tuesday than I’d done any other previous Tuesday. One of the things I did not do, was homework. I am sure of that. Google says it was the day that the New Jersey Devils decided to stay in New Jersey. Yay.

I do recall the previous weekend was a big deal. Specifically, Saturday the 28th.

That was a long day that started out great, hit rock bottom, then ended on the highest of notes. It was the day that the Florida Gators played my Georgia Bulldogs in Athens due to Jacksonville’s Gator Bowl being remodeled. We stunk. They didn’t. We lost by a lot of points. I think it was 52-17. Maybe even 52-3. All I remember is 52.

I went back to my apartment and took a nap, (passed out) before waking back up to watch Game 6 of the World Series. My Braves were hosting the Cleveland Indians at Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium. One of the ugliest stadiums in the history of baseball. Or any sport.

Tom Glavine and Mark Wohlers threw a combined one-hit shutout. David Justice hit a HR in the 6th for our only score. We won the game and the series. Yay.

I don’t remember that Tuesday though. I remember it becoming easier to buy beer after that. Maybe turning 21 wasn’t such a good thing for me…….

Fast forward. Today, someone very special turns 21. I hope she has a wonderful day, and has a drink or 3 for me. She deserves it. At 21, she’s been through a lot more than I had, and she’s come out on top. She’s light years from where I was emotionally at 21. She’s a better person. A better student. A better friend. A better daughter. A better sister. She’s just better. And still improving, every day.

She’s had to be wise beyond her years, supporting people that usually support her. She’s had to hold down the fort, when the fort was trying to implode. She’s been a rock for her people. And she has been my rock, holding me up through some of the hardest days I’ve ever been through in my life.

She doesn’t always realize how amazing she is. I try to remind her though. It’s the least I can do. She makes the people around her better. She has made me better. Every day. And I feel lucky to be part of her story. I am grateful to be part of it, in fact.

Happy Birthday, BEVELYN!

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