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Sometimes, you just have to kiss a little ass. The world just doesn’t like non-conformists, rebels, and free-thinkers anymore. If it ever did. Especially in the workplace. Unless you’re good with serving fries or fancy coffee for the rest of your life, you better learn how to kneel for something other than prayer.


People are fundamentally good. They truly are. Southeastern Texas is showing the world how fundamentally good people truly are.


I wish the government and the media had given as many fucks about the crack epidemic as it does about opioids.


Sibling incest is still gross. I’m looking at you Jaime Lannister! Nephew/Auntie incest is hott! Because Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen give me the feels! And at 42, it takes a lot to get anything flowing in me.


I can’t help but feel like the politically correct climate that has been created over the last couple of decades, has created a very weak, soft, and unrealistically idealistic society. Especially with the Boomers and Millennials. It has segregated our society and led us to a barbarity usually reserved for our “enemies”.


I can’t say it better that David French did in National Review: “If 2016 is the year when our political parties failed, inflicting on America arguably its worst presidential choice in our nation’s history, then 2017 is when our broader institutions began to lose their collective minds. This is the year when reasonable men surrendered to unreason — when political tribalism trumped human decency.” PERIOD.


The Alt-Right and Antifa: Two sides of the same shit dipped coin. Sorry. Just my opinion. The fact that your “cause” or your “stance” is on the right side of history and morally exceptional, does not give you a free pass to act JUST LIKE THE PEOPLE YOU DESPISE.


Nor does being on the right side of history, and acting as the moral superhuman, justify setting out to destroy a person’s life and livelihood, thereby causing collateral damage to the innocent. Because, if by taking down the morally decayed you also destroy innocent bystanders (i.e. children that must be fed), are you truly any better than that which you despise? Or have you also become a revolting and repulsive being just like “they” are? …… I may have to blog fully on this later.


As long as there is no uniformity in the marijuana laws, we are walking in gray mud. To have it legal in this state, while being illegal in that state, is just blurring too many lines. It is like saying it is illegal to fart in Georgia, while you can fart freely in Alabama. And in Mississippi, if the doctor says you must, then you can fart. But if the doctor didn’t say so, you can’t. Gray mud.


Again, this mess in Houston should give us all hope that we can, and will, get through our current political climate and get back to what we do best. Being Americans.


About Gretchen Mashburn

I am a 1996 graduate of the University of Georgia with a useless B.A. in Sociology. I now live in the armpit of Florida, the capital city. I am a wizard of all things, especially financial management, and a fanatic sports fan. I love to listen to music, read books, and watch TV. I especially love to drink, so I quit.
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