UGA Football Rants from 7/5/2012: This subject always pissed me off.

The article is likely no longer on Yahoo for viewing. Not sure. Clearly, I was cranked up about this one though.

Last week, Yahoo! Sports released piece written by Kristin Watt, who is described as a contributing columnist and Law School graduate. No doubt, she is an intelligent person.–ncaaf.html

The article is straightforward and to the point. She cites several instances involving various players dating back to 2008. All of these players, save for one, have been relieved of their commitment to play for my University. The offenses are as follows; Possession of an altered firearm, Felony battery, Domestic Battery, DUI, Simple Battery. All of the battery charges involved women, either as victims or the “cause” of said battery. I will refrain from any long diatribe concerning THESE young men and their lack of respect for women due to their likely lack of male parental influence. Not gonna go there either about the dangers of DUI and the stupidity of smoking weed, KNOWING you are subjected to random U.A., and knowing you have already sat your dumb ass out of 2 ½ games due to WEED.

What I am gonna ramble on about is Ms. Watt’s conspicuous failure to include Zach Mettenberger in her article. In March of 2010, Mettenberger, 18 at the time, was charged with underage possession/consumption of alcohol, disorderly conduct, obstruction and two counts of having false identification.  He subsequently, after further investigation, was charged with two counts of sexual battery. The sexual battery charges “were the result of Mettenberger grabbing the breasts and touching the buttocks” of a 20-year-old female Valdosta State University student in the bar. Mettenberger was kicked off the Georgia team on April 18, 2010 having yet to take a snap in a live game for the Dawgs.

Aside from the obvious difference between Mettenberger and the kids Ms. Watt chose to include in her piece, is the fact that he is now the starting QB for the LSU Tigers. Now, if I were writing an article about a football program’s issue with players being arrested, I would damn well include the QB for a team that played for the National Championship six months ago. Sheesh lady.

One wonders what it is that gives this kid a free pass in the eyes of the media- and even other Georgia fans- when they want to rant and ramble and write about our program?

I ain’t gonna say it. But we ALL know what it is.

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