Not So Dark Places: Quinn Archer on the Edge


Usually when I am flipping channels, browsing SoundCloud, or cursing at ReverbNation, it doesn’t bode well for my mental state. I spend a lot of time looking for artists that grab my attention. Lately, I’ve been searching without much success for a female artist that isn’t rapping or flopping around half dressed and singing badly, even with the assistance of Autotune. There have been some songs that grabbed my attention, some women that have a really good song or two on Reverb or SoundCloud. But, that is just the thing. I mean one song, two tops. Then I stumbled across this song called “Dark Places” and this lady they call Quinn Archer. Mary Mother of God.  This girl is soulful. Like Amy Winehouse or Joan Osborne. Only, I dare say, maybe better. The first I heard of her was on SoundCloud. There were four songs available. Two versions of “Dark Places” and two others. Wow. Just, wow. My interest was piqued and then I found out she was releasing an EP. Through the almighty Google search I then discovered she has been featured in Vanity Fair, and played at Kensington Palace with Bon Jovi, Taylor Swift, and James Blunt.  Recently, she was gracious enough to answer a few questions for me, which helped me out with this piece. This woman is totally down to earth. Actually, she had me when she informed me that she does not “really have a favorite beer… more of a Wine or Whiskey girl”. Where has she been all my life? I ordered the EP- Dark Places- the day it went on sale, and added it to my “Bad-Ass Chicks” playlist on my iPod the day it was delivered. It was a little different than I expected. It wasn’t as moody and dark as the songs on SoundCloud seemed to be. The arraignment on Dark Places was a little different, a little faster. But, it works out really well. The songs are just real. They hit on basic human emotions. You can feel them as you listen to them. The songwriting is very impressive, like the vocalist. She co-wrote all five songs on the EP.  Of songwriting, she says she prefers to write the lyrics and vocals melodies herself, but doesn’t feel she is as strong of an instrumentalist, so she does enjoy writing with other people. Constructive criticism and the ability to bounce ideas off of writing partners is important to her process. There is a duet on the EP with Micah Brown, “Tell Me Why”, which is just amazing. His voice is as smooth as Irish whisky. Archer’s voice is so strong and soulful that not anyone can hold a mic beside her. Brown pulls it off, as does Marcus Foster who recorded “Rest of My Days” with her. Days is not on the EP, but is available to purchase off the web. My favorite song off the new release is “Perfectly Wrong”. We’ve all been there. That song hits on some serious emotions, and memories.

There are a handful of artist that are standing on the edge of stardom right now, and I think she is one of them. She has the voice. But like she said, the hardest part of all of this is getting yourself heard. Because you may have the best set of songs out there, but getting people to listen is an entirely different process. Making the music is the first step. Once the artist takes that step, I feel like it is partially on us, the fans, to help with the next steps. Put the music out there. Play it. Talk about it. Write about it. Purchase their work. And share, share, share.

The Dark Places EP is available at Make the purchase, write a review, and get this music out there. It needs to be heard. This voice is a one of a kind and it needs to be listened to.

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