My Two Cents on Danica Patrick


“He has that old school mentality, that women should be at home flipping pancakes and ironing clothes.”

This was my friend’s reaction when I read her the headline earlier this week. To say Richard Petty said a mouthful would be a huge understatement. The King pissed off more than a few women when the quote hit the internet. I’ll give it to the interviewer; that was a great attention getting headline. He actually said that the only way Danica Patrick would win in Sprint Cup was “if everybody else stayed home.” The King went on to say, “If she’d have been a male, nobody would ever know if she’d showed up at a race track”. This was during his trip to Toronto this past weekend. He was speaking to, a Canadian automotive site.
I think a lot of women’s knee jerk reaction to the headline was much like my friend’s reaction. Outrage. Shock. Rage. But, was it true, what Richard said?
DP only won one race in Indy Car; a fuel mileage race in Tokyo. She has won zero races in any NASCAR series events. She finished 27th in points, only two spots ahead of her boss, who missed the last three plus months of the season after breaking his leg. The fact is that Danica, on paper, is not giving anyone the ammo to dispute Richard’s comments.
Personally, I think he is wrong about her. I think she will win. I think she can run with the boys. I think Tony Stewart will not let her fail. I think her two new teammates will provide her with a wealth of knowledge. I think the fact that she drives for SHR is her biggest asset. She is in a prime position to win in Sprint Cup. I think she will prove him wrong. We shall see

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