My counselor wants me to write. She wants me to write about my feelings. She doesn't have a clear understanding of the fact that my family doesn't do "feelings". Well, my momma's family that is. Daddy's family is good at them. We say "I love you" even if we've only ever been around each other … Continue reading Yoo-hoo


Anything but Smart

A weird thing happened yesterday. A friend, who is politically opposite minded from me, asked what I thought about New York State’s new abortion law. I told him I’d have to get back with him because I really had not read much about it at all. Last night I did a google search and I … Continue reading Anything but Smart


It’s always been weird to me how being in certain places can bring back feelings that I’d long thought were pushed aside and forgotten. I always think that, but the places always prove me wrong. Time and time again. My counselor (God bless her) recently moved to a new office. It’s nice and big and … Continue reading THE POND